Court Garments
© Copyright Distinguished Cuts 2016 (All Rights Reserved)
© Copyright Distinguished Cuts 2016
(All Rights Reserved)
Distinguished Cuts is the 1st and still the only company in SA which produces Sc gowns in Real Silk fabric. Sc's and Judges of Gauteng and KZN especially, have had their GOWNS and WAIST COAT made at Distinguished Cuts since 2010 instead of ordering from London, which Distinguished Cuts have much appreciated!
In addition to the Robes that we make for these dignitaries of our society, we also added Formal Suits/Clothing in colors they use in duty ( black, navy, charcoal,grey )and also stripes too!
For ladies we make 5 piece suits ( jacket, waist coat, tunic dress, skirt, pants)
For gentlemen we make suits ( jacket, waist coats and 2 or 3 trousers) which they appreciated so much, saying it extend the life/use of their Suit and ALL THESE GARMENT ARE CUSTOM MADE and we come out to each client for taking order, fitting  and deliver!

SO PLEASE, WHEREVER YOU ARE, MAKE USE OF DISTINGUISHED CUTS SERVICES even neighboring countries like Malawi and Zambia have had their court and parliament robes made at DISTINGUISHED CUTS.